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ĐỀ THI THÁNG 11 (Hạn nhận bài: 23h59 ngày 20/12/2015)
Đề thi tháng 10. (Hạn nhận bài: 23h59 ngày 20/11/2015). Đã hết hạn nộp bài thi tháng 10, các bạn có thể Thảo luận về đề thi ở đây.
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Chủ đề trợ giúp: My Assistant

The 'My Assistant' feature can be accessed by clicking the link of the same name in the board header. This tool provides quick links to many important areas on the board, as well as quick access to common features.

My Assistant has four seperate feature tabs:
  • Information - this tabs offers links to the overall and daily Top Ten posters, as well as your last ten posts on the board. You can also click to view the Moderation Team.
  • New Posts - will show you a link to any new posts made since your last visit, and how long ago they were posted.
  • Search - using this, you can search the forum basically the same way the standard search function works. This box will show you the number of results, and allow you to click to view them
  • Recent PMs - on this tab, you can view your 5 most recent PMs and when they were received.
The My Assistant is also used when a new PM arrives. If you have selected to be notified when a new PM is received, the My Assistant box will appear on your screen displaying your new PM.