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Đăng ký: 06-01-2017
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Giới thiệu

                       Cro-Magnon Man added his fingers,

And lying beside his mate calculated hers.
With the dawn of Paleolithic art 
Men foresaw early geometric signs in the race’s future
Drawing into Mesolithic agriculture.
Circumscribing the hallowed lands
Recovered from Mother Nile,
Gazing into the starlit sky
After the death of Zeno,
Hippocrates of Chios
Heralded the iconic birth of Plato.
Euclid’s Elements are monumental:
From Seigneur to Vassal, in two or three dimensionals,
They transverse the planes of our world,
High or low, narrow and wide.
Without subterfuge or ruse,
Running through the ancient streets of Syracuse,
Archimedes kept crying:
Eureka! Eureka!
I found it!
Plenitude and perfection,
Through centuries of reflection,
From Medieval rings
To Feuerbach’s circle, it’s located
Within its divine nine points
And the conic sections of Dandelin.
Infinite series were beloved of Maclaurin.
With the Queen of Sciences on his side,
The Universe cannot hide.
In the exploits of those Three Musketeers,
Lagrange, Laplace and Legendre,
Libration points and elliptic resonance
Finish in full concordance.
In the age of Einstein
Appear Hardy of Britain,
And Ramanujan of India.
From India the distant land
To the shores of fair England
A Hindu genius self-taught.
Several years after Hausdorff
Mathematics turns abstract,
With domain linked and compact.
Transversing the geodesic lines
Without measuring,
How do we escape the Klein Bottle?
Dancing and singing
On the bridge of Avignon,
Thinkers tinker with Hamilton’s quaternions.
Balanced forever on the Mobius strip
Without traversing the surface
We morph ourselves to the other side.
Lindermann proved Pi transcendental,
While Hermite showed e transformational.
Theorems proved without doubt immortal.
Higher space or hyperplane
Conclude in the Markov chain.
Dreamer, poet or mathematician,
Hardy said we are makers of patterns,
Designs in Hilbert or Banach spaces.
For integration, let us have Lebesgue.
Set theory and topology,
Pure invention - just ask Bourbaki.
Calculus of variations
Opens the way to control theory.
Shall we name the last universalist?
Can it be Carl Gauss or Henri Poincareù?
Can we have both? A mathematical impossibility?
Not if they converge in eternity.




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